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How to Choose the Right Trial Lawyer for Your Case?

The litigation process can be very intimidating, which is why it is very important to choose the right trial lawyer for your case. A business litigation attorney offers more than just legal information. He or she will research and strategize on your behalf to give you the best outcome. Your attorney should coach you throughout the litigation process and work for your best interests.  While choosing the right litigator for your case can seem like a daunting task, here are some helpful tips.

Research the Attorney

In order to determine if this is the right lawyer for you, you should thoroughly do your research. Read online reviews from other clients. This can help you know what to expect.

You should look up the attorney on your state’s attorney registration website. This tool will often tell you if the attorney is authorized to practice in your state, if they have legal malpractice insurance, and importantly, if they have any discipline and pending proceedings.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations

Many attorneys offer free consultations, and these are very useful! An effective attorney-client relationship is very important in litigation and meeting the attorney prior to retaining them can prevent any surprises down the line. The attorney should be easy to talk to, an effective communicator, and willing to answer any questions you may have. Remember, you are hiring them to make this process easier so make sure you are comfortable with them! You should have a list of questions ready prior to meeting them. Some important things to ask are:

-Have you handled cases like mine before? What are the ranges of outcomes I can expect?

-Will you be the main point of contact on this case?

-How often can I expect updates from you? How can I reach you?

Consider the Size of the Firm

There are many advantages to retaining a smaller law firm. Since the attorneys’ case load is often less than a large firm, they may have more time to focus on your case. Attorneys at smaller firms are often more communicative and available.

Discuss Payment

While attorneys may be known for their expensive rates, these rates usually reflect years of experience. Litigation is usually long and can become costly. It is important that you find an attorney you can trust, but also afford. Look for an attorney with flexible payment options. Patterson Law Firm offers hourly fees, blended fees (discounted hourly with part contingency), contingency, and flat fees.

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