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Dispute Over Import Center Ownership
Partners, controlling shareholders, and controlling LLC members have fiduciary duties to their other interest holders. The duties vary depending on agreements reached, but one of the classic duties is loyalty. [...]
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What Is Tortious Interference with Contract In Illinois?
Contracts are the lifeblood of most businesses. As businesses go about their operations, contracts provide stability and predictability. Depending on the business, contracts can determine almost every aspect of the [...]
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The Status of Non-Compete Agreements in Illinois
The proliferation of non-compete agreements is a fact in the hyper-competitive world of business.  In Illinois, these agreements are known as covenants not to compete (CNCs).  While CNCs are still [...]
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What is Breach of Contract?
You may be wondering what is a breach of contract? Luckily, you are in the right place. Remember when a “contract” consisted of a gentleman’s agreement sealed with a handshake? [...]
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What is an Unconscionable Contract?
You may be wondering what is an unconscionable contract? Our legal system assumes that agreements reached between two or more parties are fair and freely entered into. Without evidence suggesting [...]
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