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California School District Loses Breach of Contract Case and Gains Millions in Expenses
A small school district in California loses yearlong breach of contract case. The jury issued a $12 million judgment against the school district. The school district entered into a contract [...]
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Lawyer Keeps Billing Client-Even Charges for His Own Sanctions
An Illinois lawyer was recently cited for billing a client for his own sanctions. The Iowa Supreme Court disciplinary board reprimanded Cameron Davidson, an attorney, in connection with his work representing [...]
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Chicagoland Attorney on Short Leash After Fabricating $69,000 in Receipts
A former Sidley Austin partner, Lee Smolen, admitted to submitting $69,000 in fake taxi cab receipts.  He claims that he did so in order to circumvent the firm’s tight reimbursement policy. [...]
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Judge Admonishes Attorney in Legal Fees Dispute
A Pennsylvania judge admonished a local attorney regarding legal fees. Another law firm earned the fees in a successful settlement with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) following a tragic [...]
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Betting on Lawsuits
While many law firms bill clients by the hour, some, including The Patterson Law Firm, offer rates that are contingent on the outcome of the case. In certain cases, if [...]
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Ethics in Business Litigation
The recent disclosure of one law firm’s emails seem to reveal over-billing or churning of cases, which should be of concern to every business lawyer.  An individual’s reputation is an [...]
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