Chicago Porch Collapse Case Finally Comes to Close

It has been ten years since a porch collapse in Lincoln Park caused 13 deaths and 50 injuries. However, litigation has only just now come to a close.

The issue that was finally decided upon was whether the accident should be considered (for insurance purposes) one single event or multiple events. Those appealing hoped to increase the judgment from $16.6 million collectively by raising individual policies from $1 million to $2 million.

Earlier this year the state appeals court ruled that the cases should be consolidated and treated as a single event. The owner of the building was liable for $600,000 while an insurance provider paid the bulk of the settlement ($16 million).

In addition, there were hefty fines for both the building owner and the contractor who built the porch, which according to an architect would have supported the 75 people had it been built according to the current Chicago Building Code.

The incident, which was the largest collapse of this kind of Chicago’s history, motivated Chicago to improve its code and enforcement practices.

Insurance coverage disputes are common in personal injury and in business litigation. Without coverage, a person sued risks personal assets and a business sued risks collapse. The victim of may also lose a remedy if the person or company sued lacks insurance.

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