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The Benefits of Working with a Small Law Firm

There are numerous benefits of working with a small law firm. For the purpose of this article, we characterize small law firms as with between two and ten attorneys. The Patterson Law Firm has eight attorneys on staff and two attorneys who are of-counsel. This puts us in an excellent position as far as what we are able to offer our clients.

Benefits of Working with a Small Law Firm

Sole practitioners are able to offer their clients the benefit of a close, one-on-one attorney-client relationship. Often, their fees are less than those of larger firms due to less overhead. Clients often feel that small law firms treat their case with high importance, leading to an overall positive experience.

A firm our size is able to provide these benefits, and we prioritize every case.

However, we are able to provide some benefits with a slightly larger staff that a single attorney cannot. When a firm has multiple attorneys, individual attorneys are able to develop specialties. They are not expected to take on every case that comes in. A firm of our size is also able to handle a larger range of cases (see our practice areas). While we are able to offer the same level of attention as solo practitioners, no attorney is available 24/7.

In the event that your attorney is unavailable, we have other attorneys that can provide assistance.

Arguably the most important difference between a sole practitioner and boutique size firm like ours is the collaboration between our attorneys. A firm of our size is ideal for the kind of collaborative brainstorming that is necessary during complicated litigation.

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