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PepsiCo Settles Lawsuit over Naked Juice

A recent settlement over PepsiCo’s use of the word “natural” on the labels of their popular Naked Juice could have an impact on the ongoing issues related to food marketing.

The Food and Drug Administration has no clear-cut definition of the world natural with respect to food labeling, due in part to the fact that since most food has been processed in some way as opposed to being derived straight from the earth, it is not technically natural.

While PepsiCo labels their Naked Juice as all natural, the class action lawsuit that was filed cites that its “boost of vitamins” actually contains synthetic fibers. In addition to settling for $9 million, PepsiCo issued a statement that it would no longer use the phrase “all natural” in its marketing of the juice.

In settling this case, PepsiCo seems to have shed some light on the confusion that surrounds the term by the FDA’s standards. While the company has not stated when the changes will be made to their labeling, its decision to settle the case brings more attention to the complications associated with what many would consider a flaw in the FDA’s regulation of food industry marketing. The lawsuit could very well pave the way for many other similar suits.

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