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Rihanna Wins Lawsuit against Topshop

Pop singer Rihanna has just won her lawsuit against British clothing store Topshop for selling a tank top bearing her image. The shirt, which was first called the Rihanna Top and then changed to Icon Top after complaints from Rihanna, displays an image of the singer on her tour that was taken by a freelance photographer without her permission.

It has been sold in the UK, but not here in the US, a fact that many speculated would make her case more difficult, given that the laws governing intellectual property are much more relaxed in the UK.

According to the lawsuit, in selling the shirts, the company is attempting to pass them off as having been approved by the singer; thus tarnishing Rihanna’s reputation in the eyes of her fans.

In addition to agreeing with the aforementioned reasoning, the judge’s decision also stated that the company’s sales of the tank tops took away from Rihanna’s merchandising. Rihanna sued the company for $5 million, but actual damages yet to be determined.

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