Google Will Continue to Use Targeted Advertising: U.S. District Court Finds Class Action Suit Does Not Prove Google Caused Damage

A class action complaint accusing tech giant Google and two other marketing companies of evading the blocks that Microsoft and Apple had created for cookies was dismissed Wednesday. The blocks, which are intended to prohibit companies from accessing cookies to collect information intended for targeted marketing, are viewed by many as an invasion to privacy that should be banned on the internet.

While the plaintiffs were able to prove that the companies did in fact find ways around the cookies, they were not able to prove that the collection and sale of users’ personal information caused any real damage.

While Google settled a similar case for $22.5 million, it did not admit to any wrongdoing. An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the real issue at hand is the fact that the anti-privacy laws with regard to this type of issue are not updated and thus the courts are unable to apply laws in a matter-of-fact manner.

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