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CTA Faces Possible Class Action Suit on Behalf of Unhappy Ventra Card Holder

Amidst several reports of problems related to the new CTA card system, Ventra, one transit rider has decided to take legal action. James Kenger filed a lawsuit last week requesting class action status for all CTA riders who possess a Ventra card linked to their bank account.

While many of the reports describe issues related to the ease of adding money as well as the initial setup, Kenger’s issue with the company had to do with alleged overcharging. According to his lawsuit, Ventra charged Kenger more for rides than he actually took as well as for time spent on the phone with CTA customer service.

The CTA, however, denies overcharging Kenger, stating that its customer service line is free of charge and that the charges were most likely a result of Kenger adding rides to his old CTA card (the rides still post to the Ventra account but could have been mislabeled as customer service calls).

Mr. Kenger’s lawyer reported in the lawsuit that his client had destroyed his CTA Chicago Plus card, and maintains that the company has overcharged and continues to overcharge CTA riders.

While the alleged overcharging to Mr. Kenger’s account was minimal, his frustration with the company’s alleged shortcomings seem to echo those of other riders.

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