Pinterest Sues Travel Startup for Trademark Infringement

A few days ago we wrote a post on Pinterest’s win against a cybersquatter as well as the trademark infringement lawsuit it was facing against Path for its use of the letter P in its logo. While Pinterest deals with defending themselves against Path, the company is also the plaintiff in a trademark infringement case.

Earlier this month, Pinterest filed a lawsuit against the travel startup company Pintrips. The complaint states that the company’s names as well as the method by which its users utilize the interface are similar to Pinterest’s branding statement to the point of confusion. While Pinterest allows users to use a “pin it” button on the website, Pintrip’s “pin” button serves a similar function and, according to the complaint, looks like the former button.

In addition to Pinterest’s issue with the name causing brand confusion Pinterest’s travel category is growing in popularity. The company alleges that many of its users utilize the site for travel-planning purposes.

While some may argue that Pinterest has been overzealous in its brand/trademark protection, there does appear to be valid concern. As the number of internet startups continues to grow, it is unpredictable which sites will gain popularity over others.  Pinterest has to consider the future when protecting its brand. While Pintrips is relatively unheard of now, if its gains popularity at a fast pace (as internet startups often do), it could only be a matter of time before we start seeing pin buttons on travel-related websites.

It is too early to know whether or not Pinterest will be able to continue on their sacred pin-saving quest, but stay tuned to our blog to find out the outcome of this particular case. To learn more about our firm visit pattersonlawfirm.com or call (312) 223-1699.

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