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Blackberry Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Typo Products

It is no secret that Blackberry has suffered enormously over the past couple of years. With the popularity of the iPhone and the emergence of many other brands of smartphones as well as the failure of Blackberry’s tablet launch, the company has seen its stock plummet.

However, while most former Blackberry users have since abandoned the phone, some (including President Obama), have remained loyal to the brand.  It can be argued that the reason for this loyalty has to do with Blackberry’s keyboard.  As many smartphones have migrated to a touchscreen keyboard, Blackberry (for the most part) still has manual keyboards. The signature component to Blackberry’s latest phone however, is a separate keyboard meant for users on the go.

Blackberry recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Typo Products, LLC, a tech startup backed by television and radio personality Ryan Seacrest. The lawsuit is a response to Typo’s new iPhone keyboard accessory, planned to be released later this month. While Blackberry did not specify what particular features of the keyboard infringed upon its patents, the company stated that Typo infringed upon its unique design, and vowed to continue to take aggressive action against any companies who attempt to infringe upon its intellectual property rights.

According to InsideCounsel, this lawsuit might be a last ditch effort to save the company—in addition to plummeting sales, Blackberry faces a class action suit concerning its stock wherein an investor claims its CEO and CFO intentionally misled he and other investors as to the state of the company.

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