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Qualcomm Loses Patent Infringement Suit Filed by Blackberry in Arbitration
On April 12th 2017, Qualcomm lost a suit and now has to pay $815 million in royalty fees to Blackberry. Blackberry paid royalty fees in advance to Qualcomm to use [...]
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Patent Infringement: Basics of a Successful Case
In 2013, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received over 600,000 applications for patents and granted over 300,000 patents. A U.S. patent grants an inventor of a product certain protections and [...]
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Blackberry Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Typo Products
It is no secret that Blackberry has suffered enormously over the past couple of years. With the popularity of the iPhone and the emergence of many other brands of smartphones [...]
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Federal Circuit’s Decision to Hear Appeal before Damages
The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that it would hear Pylon Manufacturing’s appeal of a decision regarding patent infringement in favor of Robert Bosch LLC. The case, [...]
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