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Professional Malpractice
When professionals breach their duty of care, loyalty, or competence and cause harm to a client, they committed malpractice. They can be held liable to pay money damages for the harm they caused.
Company Founder Disputes
In any business, when there are multiple owners, disputes sometimes develop over the direction of the company, the personal interest of the parties involved, and the governance of the company.
Exchange Disputes
Particularly given the growth of cryptocurrency, many exchanges do not have the customer support and service that other financial service companies have.
Cryptocurrency Litigation & Sim Swap Litigation Lawyers
Theft of cryptocurrency is on the rise. Whether by SIM swapping, intrusion into a user's computer or device, or other unauthorized means, criminals have engaged in sophisticated schemes to steal large amounts of cryptocurrency.
Account Freezes/KYC Issues
Wrongful account freezes have become all too common for users of many exchanges.
Medical Malpractice
Missed diagnoses account for over 40% of medical malpractice claims filed in the United States.
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