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Apple Comments on Regulations Imposed after Department of Justice Win
The latest update on Apple’s e-Books price-fixing scheme comes after our most recent blog post on the Department of Justice’s appointment of Michael Bromwich as the monitor to oversee Apple’s [...]
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Judge Finds Apple Guilty of Price-Fixing: Debate Lingers over Damages
Not long ago, we wrote a blog post about the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Apple. Allegedly, the company was involved in an e-book price-fixing scheme with several large publishing [...]
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Apple Charged with Conspiracy to Fix E-books Pricing
Yesterday marked the end of the Department of Justice’s fight to stop Apple’s alleged E-books price fixing scheme highlighted in one of our recent blog posts. While Apple maintains its innocence, [...]
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Department of Justice Blames Apple for E-books Price Fixing
A federal judge expressed her opinion that the Department of Justice will in fact prove that Apple orchestrated a price-fixing scheme with the publishers. It is uncommon for judges to [...]
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