Apple Comments on Regulations Imposed after Department of Justice Win

The latest update on Apple’s e-Books price-fixing scheme comes after our most recent blog post on the Department of Justice’s appointment of Michael Bromwich as the monitor to oversee Apple’s anti-trust compliance.

To add to the list of Apple’s complaints with regard to the regulations imposed as a result of the DOJ’s win over the company, Apple is now communicating its disapproval of the cost related to Bromwich’s services.

According to Apple, the company has had to pay Mr. Bromwich over $100,000 for his first two weeks of work, despite the fact that the parties had agreed to a fee of $1,100 an hour. In addition to Bromwich’s hourly rate (which according to Apple is the highest the company has ever paid an attorney) is a 15% administrative fee.

While Bromwich states that the administrative fee is a necessary cost due to the fact that he is being hired through his consulting firm, Bromwich Group as opposed to his law firm, Apple refuses to accept that explanation. According to Apple, a press release published by Bromwich’s law firm highlighting Bromwich’s appointment casts doubt on Bromwich’s statements related to the administrative fee.

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