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Qualcomm Sued by the FTC for Anti-Competitive Practices
The Federal Trade Commission alleges that Qualcomm failed to participate in licensing patents in fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. These terms need to be FRAND because the items Qualcomm [...]
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Former Tallgrass CEO and Marketing Agency Sue Tallgrass Beef Company
A recent lawsuit filed by a former CEO against his erstwhile employer shows some of the potential pitfalls in terminating an executive. In this case, James Whitney, former the CEO [...]
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Holiday Work Party Dangers
Tis’ the season. Around this time every year, businesses rent swanky venues to celebrate the season and reflect on the past year’s successes. However, not many businesses realize the holiday [...]
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Sixth Circuit Upholds Red Seal as Maker’s Mark Trademark
Today’s competitive market compels liquor distillers to not only compete in flavor, but also aesthetics. In a recent verdict, the US court of Appeals for the Sixth circuit upheld that [...]
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We the Plaintiffs
Click the link to check out a very interesting infographic about the statistics relating to the United State’s obsession with lawsuits compared to other countries and even other states within [...]
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Reasons You Should Not File a Lawsuit
While I have filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of my clients over the past 33 years, I whole-heartedly believe that all clients should be advised of the top ten reasons [...]
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