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Update on Apple E-books Price Fixing Lawsuit: Apple Appeals
Many of our blog posts have dealt with the ongoing Department of Justice v. Apple anti-trust case. This past Tuesday, Apple filed an appeal requesting the Second Circuit US Court [...]
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Update: Judge Grants Apple Temporary Delay of E-Books Monitor Until Hearing
Just days after Judge Cote ruled in favor of the DOJ and denied Apple’s request to remove Michael Bromwich, the court ordered monitor appointed to oversee Apple’s E-books prices, a [...]
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Apple Comments on Regulations Imposed after Department of Justice Win
The latest update on Apple’s e-Books price-fixing scheme comes after our most recent blog post on the Department of Justice’s appointment of Michael Bromwich as the monitor to oversee Apple’s [...]
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Department of Justice Blames Apple for E-books Price Fixing
A federal judge expressed her opinion that the Department of Justice will in fact prove that Apple orchestrated a price-fixing scheme with the publishers. It is uncommon for judges to [...]
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