Update: Citizens of Irwindale, California Add Additional Count of Breach of Contract to Claims against Sriracha

Back in November, we wrote a blog post in our Emergency Business Litigation blog that discussed a lawsuit against Sriracha Hot Sauce. In the lawsuit, citizens of the town of Irwindale (where the Sriracha factory is located) sought a permanent injunction to shut down the factory during litigation involving the emission of what they considered to be dangerous odors into the air.

While the citizens of Irwindale filed their initial complaint last year, they intend to amend the complaint by adding a breach of contract claim. According to city officials, Huy Fong Foods violated certain operating conditions by allowing the harmful odors into Irwindale’s air.

A judge granted the request for a temporary injunction shutting the factory down and ordering it to put a stop to all dangerous odor emissions. He also stated that the court will likely rule in favor of the city of Irwindale in this matter because although there is not credible evidence linking the odors to health problems in the city, the smells have clearly been an annoyance for citizens and will likely be easily traced to the Sriracha factory.

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