KFC Breach of Contract Lawsuit

KFC Files Breach of Contract Lawsuit against Mokena, Illinois Franchise

KFC has filed a lawsuit in Chicago’s federal court against an owner of one of its franchises in Mokena, Illinois. According to the complaint, the franchise’s owner, Aiman Kassar, has been operating the franchise. However, he has gone several months without paying the associated fees. In addition, Kassar has been selling food using non-approved ingredients and sources.

According to the complaint, KFC notified the restaurant that it was no longer a franchise back in October. KFC ordered the restaurant to return any confidential KFC documents and rid the restaurant of any KFC images or branding. It has failed to do so, prompting KFC to sue not only for breach of contract but also for trademark infringement and unfair competition.

KFC is seeking an injunction barring the former franchise in Mokena from continuing to use any of KFC’s branding, from the images to the catchphrases associated with the fast food chain. In addition, the company is seeking a declaratory judgment to discontinue the operation of the restaurant under the KFC name. Additionally, KFC is seeking money the restaurant owes, additional damages, and attorneys’ fees.

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