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Jurors Find Apple Not Liable for Antitrust Violations in Class-Action iPod Lawsuit
After nearly a decade of litigation, it took a panel of eight jurors just several hours to find Apple, Inc. not liable for antitrust violations. The violations relate to iTunes [...]
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Update: Citizens of Irwindale, California Add Additional Count of Breach of Contract to Claims against…
Back in November, we wrote a blog post in our Emergency Business Litigation blog that discussed a lawsuit against Sriracha Hot Sauce. In the lawsuit, citizens of the town of Irwindale (where [...]
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CTA Faces Possible Class Action Suit on Behalf of Unhappy Ventra Card Holder
Amidst several reports of problems related to the new CTA card system, Ventra, one transit rider has decided to take legal action. James Kenger filed a lawsuit last week requesting [...]
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Syngenta Settles Class Action Lawsuit
Syngenta AG, a Swiss chemical maker, payed $105 million to settle a class action lawsuit. The company’s weed-killing product contaminated U.S. water supplies with the chemical Atrazine. The lawsuit has [...]
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