Construction Dispute

What is a Construction Dispute?

During the construction process, a construction dispute may stem from a variety of problems. Disputes can arise during the formation, meaning, breach or termination of construction. Additionally, disputes can arise from financing and real estate development contracts. They can also arise from the associated duties imposed on the contracting parties by law. Some of the most common types of construction litigation claims are cost overruns, delay claims, defective work disputes, and collection claims.

In a few days, our blog post will cover cost overruns in construction dispute claims. Before you contact an attorney, collect all necessary documents and information related to the potential case. This could be documents related to work done, payments made, all correspondence, and facts to legitimize any claims. If you think you have a construction dispute, contact an attorney with a strong track record in the area. Our attorneys handle construction disputes, extra work orders, field changes, delay damage claims, and mechanics liens.

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